Ph. D. Career (Employment Support) Seminar

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) WISE program holds seminars online for Ph. D. students. In this seminar, we invite experts to talk about the various doctoral career paths and their supports and discuss the future careers for participants.

We are pleased to announce that Emerging Technologies Corporation, a company that specializes in career support for Ph. D.

Emerging Technologies Corporation has been providing employment support to many Ph. D. and will share their know-how with us.

There will be two seminars, both of which will be held online.

Seminar 1 is mainly for M1, M2, and D1 students and will be about job hunting for Ph. D.

Seminar 2 is a seminar on how to write an entry sheet, mainly for D2 and D3 students.

For students thinking about starting their job search, this lecture will teach you how to write an entry sheet that will appeal to the human resources manager.

Students who are not in the WISE Program are also welcome to participate in this seminar.


■Seminar 1: Job Search for Ph.D. Students
 Time: Oct. 6 (Wed.) 13:00-16:00
■Seminar 2: Writing Skills for Entry-Sheet
 Time: Oct. 29 (Fri.) 9:30-12:00

【Method】 ZOOM

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【Deadline】The deadline is at noon on Oct 5 (Tue)

The zoom information for the seminar will be also sent to the registered email address.

Please see the attached file for details.