Research on biofertilizer by a doctoral student is on TV and a website

The research on biofertilizer by Mr. Shin-ichiro AGAKE, a third year doctoral student in WISE program, is introduced on BS12 “YUME-Lab”
and the website “Lab BRAINS”.
The TV program is broadcasted on Dec. 11, 2021 from 18:55 to 19:00, and rebroadcasted Dec. 18 at the same time. Mr. AGAKE will explain that
Bacillus pumilus TUAT1 isolated at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology is utilized in the biofertilizer “Yume-Bio”, commercialized through his research.
Spores of B. pumilus TUAT1 promotes plant growth and contributes to the reduction of use of chemical fertilizers. He says “Yume-Bio” is a next-generation agricultural material with the potential to achieve sustainable agricultural production.
In “Lab BRAINS” (, he touched on his own crowdfunding challenge and the significance of outreaching of the research achievements.