A project from “Proposal-based Project Fund” implemented by Mr. Yohei Arata (D2) organizes a reporting symposium

The WISE program student, Mr. Yohei Arata (UGSA*, D2) will co-organize a reporting symposium with a collaborating researcher on their joint research project “Assessment of the impact of the earthquake-induced collapse on mass transfer in mountainous basis”.
This symposium is a part of his “Proposal-based Project” and will be held with the members from joint research project. Two other WISE students, Mr. Rasis Putra Ritonga (UGAS, D3) and Mr. Rozaqqa Noviandi (UGAS, D2) will also present their research outcome.

* UGAS: United Graduate School of Agricultural Science

<Outline of the event>

Date: Thursday, December 23, 13:30 – 16:00

Method: Zoom

Language: Japanese (English for some presenters)

Participants: Students from Gomi Laboratory (TUAT), Students from Ide Laboratory (Chitose Institute of Science and Technology), Mr. Shibata (Hokkaido University), Mr. Mizugaki (Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region)

The zoom information is as follows.

Meeting ID: 851 6822 6908
Passcode: 104798



In this joint research project, we have been focusing mainly on the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake, and have been working on the following three issues: (1) mass transport caused by collapse, (2) effects of slope disturbance caused by collapse on mass transport, and (3) characteristics of soil as a base for mass transport. In this presentation, we will report on these results. We would like to understand the temporal changes and characteristics of mass transfer after the earthquake and consider how our joint research results can be used to approach future disaster recovery and reconstruction strategies (such as zoning for forestry recovery) in Atsuma.