Program Outline

Excellent Leader Development for Super Smart Society by New Industry Creation and Diversity

The characteristic of the WISE Program is that it features the creation of new industries and diversity. One of the Program’s themes is the creation of new industries that revolutionize agriculture and distribution through the application of high engineering technology. This is achieved through agri-engineer collaboration, and cooperation with private companies and overseas research / educational institutions. The Program seeks to nurture advanced PhDs, with scholars having great freedom in setting their research theme from various research areas.

Specifically, the Program aims to nurture Ph.D. degree holders with the following type of capabilities.

  • Those who will leverage the collaboration of agriculture and engineering, and use high engineering technology to create new industries that offer solutions for the social challenges presented by agriculture
  • Those who will reinforce and provide diversity (e.g., gender, nationality, social experience) for promoting innovation
  • Those who have the capacity for big-picture thinking, creativity, an appreciation of diversity, internationally competitive strengths and high-level expertise

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The Distinctive Assistance Offered by the WISE Program

Assistance for Studying Abroad

The WISE Program offers various assistance related to the development of global human resources. For example, short-term overseas training (about 1 week) is carried out for Program students in their first and second years, and assistance is offered for related travel expenses. Studying abroad utilizing laboratory rotation is also available. Meanwhile, from the third year onward, generous assistance is offered in relation to expenses for medium- to long-term (6 months to 1 year) studies abroad. During the preparatory period for such studies abroad, assistance for boosting English language skills is provided through “English Shower” training.



Assistance for Gaining Work Experience

WISE Program students attend lectures given by businesspersons and researchers, who work at private companies or partner research institutions, for an opportunity to hear real-world stories from the front line of industry. From the third year onward, students can receive guidance for proposing themes for doing research with companies, or be allocated research funds if their research proposal is approved. There is a variety of assistance offered for the nurturing of PhD degree holders who are strongly motivated to contribute to the industrial world. It includes support that cannot be experienced through conventional post graduate education, such as student research developing into joint research between the student and a company.

Assistance for after Program Completion

To help PhD students who have completed the WISE Program find positions at appropriate places, such as in industry or at international organizations, where they can play an active role, the Program offers assistance through the development and implementation of a job matching system that brings Program PhD students and private companies together.

Assistance for Proactive Learning

WISE Program students summarize their learning from lectures and exercises in a portfolio for continuous evaluation of self. They also carry out self-evaluations of their problem-setting capabilities, conceptual abilities, creativity, planning and implementation capacities, integration competency, diversity comprehension, and communication skills. Doctoral advisors and collaborative teaching staff then evaluate these as competency evaluations for encouraging students’ self-growth. These evaluations can be confirmed online using smartphones and other terminals. Students can see how their Program experiences lead to self-growth, which makes efficient learning possible for students.