Using High Engineering Technology to Resolve the Social Challenges Presented by Agriculture

The objective of the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) WISE Program is to foster PhD degree holders who will contribute to the creation of new industries through the collaboration of agriculture and engineering.As a growth industry, agriculture must be provided with a stronger foundation for innovation in the entire system for the distribution of agricultural products. This includes breeding and production to processing and distribution as well as household consumption and the restaurant industry.This Program not only leverages high engineering technology in the production of food but also introduces artificial intelligence, robotics and self-driving smart mobility technology to production and distribution to build a new, smart food supply chain as one model for the creation of new industries.All TUAT research fields in agriculture and engineering are eligible, including new materials, advanced measurement, energy control, biotechnology and the environment.

An educational system with the commitment of the industrial circle is indispensable for the realization of this graduate program. A Consortium for the Creation of New Industries is formed with the participation of businesses and other organizations as partner institutions, and leaders will be developed through the cooperation of government, industry and academia. At present, there are nine partner institutions, universities and others participating in the Consortium.