Consortium for the Creation of New Industries

Nine partner institutions, including companies, participate in a consortium that aims to create new industries and forms a system that enables WISE Program students to propose issues as themes for joint industry-academia research. The consortium assumes and promotes increases in a great number of diverse participating companies going forward. It also intends to involve municipal governments and other public bodies to realize government-industry-academia collaboration.

The application of advanced engineering technology is indispensable to solve issues that are present in agriculture as a growth industry. All TUAT research fields in agriculture and engineering are object to the consortium, and as such, industry-academia collaboration that goes beyond research fields will be incorporated into the graduate education.

The consortium will make the most of distinctive fields, such as smart agriculture through ICT and automation, food production, energy, robotics, artificial intelligence, new material development, self-driving and mobility, biotechnology, forestry, animal husbandry and veterinary science and the environment.

Japan’s Science and Technology Basic Plan aims to achieve a Super Smart Society, and a smart food chain system is one of the important challenges for its achievement.

As a growth industry, agriculture must strengthen its foundation for innovation in the entire system for the distribution of agricultural products. This includes breeding and production to processing and distribution as well as household consumption and the restaurant industry. Therefore, one of the models in the creation of new industries will be the introduction of artificial intelligence, robotic and self-driving smart mobility – which are state-of-the-art engineering technologies –to food production and agricultural product distribution to create a new smart food supply chain.

This is just one example of the various new industries to be created through the collaboration of diverse research fields. The WISE Program will collaborate with cooperation companies and overseas partner institutions to nurture PhDs who bear the future on a global scale by tackling the creation of new industries.