Updated on Aug. 23, 2021

Call for Applications October 2021 Enrollment

The Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) WISE Program (Program name: Excellent Leader Development for Super Smart Society by New Industry Creation and Diversity) is making a call for student applications to the WISE Program. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolling in a Master’s program (first semester of Ph.D. / professional degree program) or Doctoral program (including the second semester of Ph.D.) at TUAT in October 2021. There are no restrictions in terms of the area of specialization – all areas and majors at TUAT are eligible.

The characteristic of the WISE Program is that it features the creation of new industries and diversity. One of the Program’s themes is the creation of new industries that revolutionize agriculture and distribution through the application of high engineering technology. This is achieved through agri-engineer collaboration, and cooperation with private companies and overseas research / educational institutions. The Program seeks to nurture advanced Ph.D. degree holders, with scholars having great freedom in setting their research themes from various research areas.

Specifically, the Program aims to nurture Ph.D. degree holders with the following type of capabilities.

  • Those who will leverage the collaboration of agriculture and engineering, and use high engineering technology to create new industries that offer solutions for the social challenges presented by agriculture
  • Those who will reinforce and provide the diversity (e.g., gender, nationality, social experience) for promoting innovation
  • Those who have the capacity for big-picture thinking, creativity, appreciation of diversity, internationally competitive strengths, and high-level expertise

The WISE Program is a five-year integrated doctoral course in which students can acquire credits for additionally-provided lectures and praxis while being enrolled in a regular graduate school. Students can also transfer into the Program from the second semester of Ph.D.

  • Studying abroad and taking part in international collaborative research with overseas research institutions
  • Carrying out collaborative research with private companies (a system to match doctoral candidates with companies will also be introduced)

Qualification Requirements

The applicants should be the students who enrolled in the first year of the Master courses (including the first year of Professional Degree Course and the first year of the five-year integrated Doctoral course in BASE) at TUAT in April or October 2021, who have the intention to go on to the Doctoral courses at TUAT after obtaining Master degrees, and who have goals that match with the educational and research philosophies of the WISE Program. 

The applicants should be the students who enrolled in the first year of the Doctoral courses (including the first year of Cooperative Division of Veterinary Sciences and the third year of the five-year integrated Doctoral course in BASE) at TUAT in October 2021 and who have goals that match with the educational and research philosophies of WISE Program. 

* Applicants will be widely recruited, and there are no restrictions in regard to majors, area of research, nationality, gender, or working status (i.e., working adults are included).

  Applicants who pass the final selection and are admitted to the Program shall take prescribed subjects. After obtaining a fixed number of credits and passing the QE2, the student shall have “WISE Program completed” in the degree notation column. The degree itself (Master’s or Doctorate) will be obtained from the graduate school of affiliation.

* Please note that before making your application to this program, you must receive the approval of your academic adviser and confirm the content of your research, date of interview, etc. If you are admitted as a student of this program, you must consult with your academic adviser about your research plan going forward, etc.

** Those who have not completed the enrollment procedure or who intend to apply for the above course of TUAT can apply for this program. 
    Students who have passed the graduate course mentioned above and have passed the examination of this WISE program listed below will be accepted as students of the WISE program.

Selection / Admission Criteria for the Program

Initial Selection: Document Screening

A comprehensive assessment will be made of such matters as academic grades and the reason for application.

Please read the following application guidelines carefully and submit them by the deadline.

Secondary Selection: Interview

A comprehensive assessment will be made of academic and research capabilities as well as the understanding of and enthusiasm for this Program, etc., through a 10-minute presentation on the topics that follow below as well as a 5-minute Q&A session (total of 15 minutes for the interview).

  • Reason for applying to the Program
  • Summary of the research carried out up to now and the research plan in your major field
  • Research prospect based on the expected learning experience in this Program 

  • Future vision after completing the Program and obtaining a Ph.D.

Total number of students admitted to the Program: M1 – About 10; D1 – Several

Application and Selection Schedule (Updated on Aug. 23, 2021)

Online Explanation Meeting

Online explanatory meetings: 12:10-12:50 on September 6 (Mon) and 7 (Tue), 2021 (Same content on both days) 

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 613 068 6693

Password: fefq3m

Application Period

 From September 6, 2021 (Mon) to 17:00 on September 13 (Mon), 2021

Selection Period

Primary Selection (Document Screening): Successful applicants announced on September 22 (Wed), 2021

Secondary Selection (Interviews): The interview will be held online on September 29 (Wed), 2021. 

* Details will be announced to successful applicants of primary selection individually.

Final Results: Successful applicants will be announced by e-mail on around September 30 (Thu), 2021.

(Orientation for WISE Program will be held from 15:00 on October 4 (Mon), 2021)

Documents to be submitted 

 ● Transcripts

A. Those who graduated from TUAT

You can request the transcript by email to the faculty that you graduated from. Please send the following information to the specified administration office.

(1) Information for issuance of certificates

    1. Full name

    2. Contact: Phone number and e-mail address

    3. Physical address

    4. Date and year of birth

    5. Current affiliation: Name of Department

    6. Year in graduate school (e.g., M1)

    7. Current student ID

    8. Certificate that you need
      – Item (Write “Undergraduate transcript”)
      – Language (Write “Japanese”)
      – Number of copy (Write “1 copy”)
      – Necessity of sealing up (Write “Not necessary”)

    9. Where to submit (Write “WISE Program, TUAT”)

    10. Purpose of issue (Write “For application to the WISE Program”)

(2) Copy of your Student ID card

* If you have not received the new student ID card from TUAT yet, please submit a copy of other official IDs such as Passport.

* Please set a password with the file since it is private information.

(3) Address to mail (Write “WISE staff will directly collect from the office”)

After you completed the procedures above, please write “WISE staff will directly collect from the office” in your e-mail when you submit other application documents to WISE, so that WISE staff will collect it.

B. Those who graduated from other universities

If you cannot receive your transcript from your graduated university by the application due date, please contact with WISE program office by e-mail. If you have the screenshot of the script for instance, please write so.

● WISE program application form (including motivation for this program)

You need to discuss with your supervisor and get his/her consent before application.

● Documents Submission

In principle, application documents should be submitted by e-mail.

A. Students who can set passwords on documents

Please attach those documents to the e-mail and send it to the e-mail address of your department listed in the application guideline and Cc to your supervisor and girkikaku@m2.tuat.ac.jp. Please send the password of your files in a separate e-mail.

B. Students who can not set a password on documents

Follow the steps below to use Google Drive.

(1) Log in to Google Drive with “Your TUAT-ID@st.go.tuat.ac.jp” issued by TUAT

(2) Create a folder for “WISE Program Application Documents” in “My Drive” and upload the application documents in that folder.

(3) Right-click the folder created in (2) above and select “Share.”

(4) Select “Available to all Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology who know the link” and press “Copy link.”

(5) Send the copied link (URL) by email to the e-mail address of your department listed in the application guideline and Cc to your supervisor and girkikaku@m2.tuat.ac.jp.



Q. There is no Ph.D. program in the Department of Industrial Technology and Innovation. Can I still enter WISE Program?
A. Currently, some students from the Department belong to WISE Program. You will proceed to the doctoral course where your supervisor belongs to.

Q. I guess that collaboration with overseas institutions must be constrained during this time under covid-19. Do you implement all the international programs online?
A. Unfortunately we couldn’t dispatch students overseas in 2020. Although the students couldn’t go overseas in 2020, we keep our budget for next year’s trip. In 2021, we conducted some of the programs online.

Q. Is founding a new company the final goal of the WISE Program, as the third phase of the curriculum consists of projects with companies or entrepreneurship according to the PowerPoint?
A. Some students may take that direction, but it’s not the only path. Research is the most important aspect of the WISE Program, so some students focus on their research. Some of them may build a company by making use of research capacity. Others may proceed with their own project or new technology development in a company where they are employed.

Q. What is the most important point of the WISE Program? I heard about international collaboration, industry-academic collaboration, and collaboration of agriculture and technology. Which point is the WISE Program oriented the most?
A. Students need to focus on their research and posit it in challenges in the industry. How can you utilize your research capacity in society? How can your research be developed in society? You will also find it important to seek domestic or international collaboration.

Q. Should I pay any tuition fee to enter the WISE Program?
A. No, you don’t have to pay any extra fee.

Q. I entered TUAT in April 2020 as a MEXT Scholarship student. Am I eligible to apply for WISE Program?
A. Master’s course students are eligible to apply. Doctoral students will be admitted only in October 2021.

Q. I belong to BASE. What is the difference between WISE and BASE?
A. In BASE, you will learn agriculture, environment, energy. In WISE, we learn new business creation or data science, so both programs complement each other. Data science is very important for your future. The WISE program emphasizes learning data science. This is useful for you to write master and Ph.D. thesis.

Q. I would like to ask how to manage normal classes in the graduate school or study abroad program with WISE Program. What will happen if those activities coincide with the courses of the WISE Program?
A. There are some required courses, but you have the flexibility to choose elective courses. Even though you cannot attend the class for some time, you may get credit by submitting reports. Faculty members will give some flexibility with credit acquirement.

Q. What kind of required courses in WISE Program?
A. Such courses related to the social application of research or diversity.

Q. Is the courses of the WISE Program conducted irregularly, not every week?
A. It depends on the course, but usually faculty members draw up a questionnaire and set the classes in the schedule where most of the students can attend. Although you cannot attend the class, you can catch up with the class by watching the zoom video. Or if you are engaged in group work, you are required to contribute to your team by doing the work actively in the day which you can participate in.

Q. I’m going to enter a doctoral course from October. I heard that the WISE program is a five-year integrated doctoral program. Can I still enter the WISE Program?
A. Students who have completed a master’s course are also eligible. You are required to take additional 2 credits from the courses for master’s students. We used to accept more doctoral students before.

Q. How much is the level of competition?
A. Approximately 2 times.

Q. I’m still not sure whether I will continue to doctoral course or get a job after completion of master’s course. Should I decide to enter a doctoral course before application?
A. Basically WISE students will proceed to the doctoral course. However, it is natural that students think about various career options. Previously, there was a WISE student who proceeded to a doctoral course in another university after completion of a master’s course in TUAT. Most preferably you take a five-year integrated doctoral program, but we respect your choice. After you enter the WISE Program, you will have a chance to discuss with doctoral students, and international students, even both from agriculture and engineering. You will learn not only your own research but also other students’ research, as well as known issues in society from engineers or farmers in the field. WISE Program is strongly recommended as you will have a broader perspective.

Q. I heard that students will get financial support from WISE Program.
A. WISE Students can apply for the proposal-based project up to 500,000 yen, which can be used for your own RA expenses, overseas trip besides the WISE program, or extension of your overseas stay after international conference attendance. In the year 2020, we had various applications including holding symposiums with WISE students of other universities to expand the network or producing prototypes of a new sensor.

Q. Is the application for WISE Program completed by attending the the explanation session?
A. No. You need to submit the application form which you can obtain from our website. The application deadline is scheduled for 17:00 on September 13, 2021. You will go through document screening and individual interviews.