Program Outline

The Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) WISE Program (Program name: Excellent Leader Development for Super Smart Society by New Industry Creation and Diversity) is making a call for student applications to the WISE Program. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolling in a Master’s program (first semester of PhD / professional degree program) or Doctoral program (including second semester of PhD) at TUAT in AY2019. There are no restrictions in terms of the area of specialization – all areas and majors at TUAT are eligible.

The characteristic of the WISE Program is that it features the creation of new industries and diversity. One of the Program’s themes is the creation of new industries that revolutionize agriculture and distribution through the application of high engineering technology. This is achieved through agri-engineer collaboration, and cooperation with private companies and overseas research / educational institutions. The Program seeks to nurture advanced PhD degree holders, with scholars having great freedom in setting their research theme from various research areas.

Specifically, the Program aims to nurture PhD degree holders with the following type of capabilities.

  • Those who will leverage the collaboration of agriculture and engineering, and use high engineering technology to create new industries that offer solutions for the social challenges presented by agriculture
  • Those who will reinforce and provide the diversity (e.g., gender, nationality, social experience) for promoting innovation
  • Those who have the capacity for big-picture thinking, creativity, an appreciation of diversity, internationally competitive strengths and high-level expertise

The WISE Program is a five-year integrated doctoral course in which students can acquire credits for additionally-provided lectures and praxis while being enrolled in a regular graduate school. Students can also transfer into the Program from the second semester of PhD.

  • Studying abroad and taking part in international collaborative research with overseas research institutions
  • Carrying out collaborative research with private companies (a system to match doctoral candidates with companies will also be introduced)

Call for Applications to the AY2019 Program

Eligibility for Application

  • Fourth-year students of all faculties who have been accepted for the first semester of PhD and are planning to advance to the second semester of PhD (enrollment in the five-year integrated doctoral course).
  • All second year PhD first semester (Master’s course) students of all majors who are planning to advance to the second semester of PhD (participation in three years of the second semester of PhD).
  • Sixth-year students of the six-year baccalaureate program (Cooperative Department of Veterinary Medicine) who are planning to advance to the doctoral course (participation in four years of the doctoral course).

Qualification Requirements

Students scheduled to enroll in the first year of a TUAT Master’s degree program in AY2019, have the intention of advancing to a TUAT Doctoral program (second semester of PhD) after obtaining a Master’s degree, and possess goals that match the educational and research philosophies of the WISE Program. Students scheduled to enroll in the first year of a TUAT Doctoral program in AY2019 and possess goals that match the educational and research philosophies of the WISE Program. As for students in the Graduate School of Agriculture’s Cooperative Division of Veterinary Sciences, those students who are scheduled to enroll in the first year of the Doctoral program in AY2019 are qualified to make an application. Applicants will be widely recruited, and there are no restrictions in regard to majors, area of research, nationality, gender, or working status (i.e., working adults are included).

Applicants who pass the final selection and are admitted to the Program shall take prescribed subjects. After obtaining a fixed number of credits and passing the QE2, the student shall have “WISE Program completed” in the degree notation column. The degree itself (Master’s or Doctorate) will be obtained from the graduate school of affiliation.

*Please note that before making your application to this Program, you must receive the approval of your academic adviser and confirm the content of your research, date of interview, etc., without fail. If you are admitted as a student of this Program, you must contact your academic adviser and confer on your research plan going forward, etc., without fail.

Selection / Admission Criteria for the Program

Initial selection: Document screening

A comprehensive assessment will be made of such matters as academic grades as an undergraduate and the reason for application.

Secondary selection: Interview

A comprehensive assessment will be made of academic and research capabilities as well as the understanding of and enthusiasm for this Program, etc., through a 10-minute presentation on the topics that follow below as well as a 5-minute Q&A session (total of 15 minutes for the interview).

  • Reason for applying to the Program
  • Summary of research carried out up to now and view of future research through the Program
  • Vision of future after completing the Program and obtaining a PhD

Number of students admitted to the Program: M1 – about 18 students; D1 – about 7 students

Application and Selection Schedule

First Explanatory Meeting

January 29, 2019 (Tues.) from 12:15 p.m. to 12:50 p.m. at classroom L1321 of the Koganei Campus
January 30, 2019 (Wed.) from 12:15 p.m. to 12:50 p.m. at Building 2 classroom 2-11 of the Fuchu Campus

Application Period

From February 4, 2019 (Mon.) through February 15, 2019 (Fri.)

Initial selection (document screening): Successful applicants announced on February 20, 2019 (Wed.)
Secondary selection (interviews): Interviews carried out on February 28, 2019 (Thurs.)
Application results: Announced on March 1, 2019 (Fri.)


Second Call for WISE Program

Please refer to the attached document for details.

Application Period

March 4, 2019 (Mon.) through March 15, noon, 2019 (Fri.)