Diversity Is of Importance for the Generation of Innovation

It is well known that diversity is of importance to create innovation of a global scale. Through diversity, individuals of differing gender, nationality, language, age, social experience, etc., respect such differences and use them as strengths to generate innovation.

The Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) WISE Program incorporates diversity into its graduate education to nurture PhDs with the capability to maximize the benefits of diversity as their strengths. Men and women work together, welcoming international students and the participation of adult graduate students.

Diversity in research fields is also important. All TUAT research fields, which are grounded in agriculture and engineering, are eligible for the Program.

Diverse students, an educational system that emphasizes diversity, and collaboration with diverse cooperation companies and overseas partner institutions – diversity is a distinctive characteristic of this graduate program.

With its Women’s Future Development Organization at the center, TUAT has been carrying out activities to facilitate an environment conducive to women, including students and researchers, and increase the number of female teachers as well as boost the population of women studying the sciences. The ratio of female students has increased in recent years, and at 22 percent, TUAT boasts the highest percentage of women in the faculty of engineering at a Japanese university. As for the faculty of agriculture, 46 percent are women at the University. Meanwhile, TUAT also has a top ratio in Japan of female teachers in the faculties of agriculture and engineering. Such distinctive characteristics give TUAT a superb edge in the provision of diversity education.