Diversity Is of Importance for the Generation of Innovation

It is well known that diversity is important for the creation of global innovations. Diversity is the ability to recognize each other’s differences in gender, nationality, language, age, social experience, etc., and to use them as strengths to create new innovations. TUAT WISE Program incorporates diversity into graduate school education to nurture doctoral students who use diversity as a strength. The program attracts students of both genders, welcomes international students, and welcomes the participation of working graduate students.

Diversity in research fields is also important. All research fields of TUAT based on agriculture and engineering are included in the program. To promote a graduate program in which diversity is one of the features, we have diverse students, an educational system that emphasizes diversity, and cooperation with a wide variety of partner companies and overseas partner institutions. We also aim to nurture human resources who will be active as leaders in a diverse environment.

At TUAT, the Women’s Future Development Organization has been playing a central role in improving the environment for female students and researchers, increasing the number of female faculty members, and expanding the base of women in science. In recent years, TUAT has seen an increase in the percentage of female students, with the percentage of female students in the Faculty of Engineering topping the nation at 22% and that in the Faculty of Agriculture reaching 46%. The ratio of female faculty members in agriculture and engineering is among the highest in Japan. The percentage of female students in the WISE Program is over 40% for both female students and international students. These characteristics give the university a high advantage in diversity education.

「Women’s Future Development Organization」



Dec. 21, 2022 — The WISE Program will hold the diversity seminar in cooperation with the Women’s Future Development Organization.