The Strategic Value of the Domain Areas of Partner Institutions, and the Formation of a Consortium

Partner Institutions in Japan (Nine institutions)

Name of Partner Domain Area
Kubota Corporation Artificial intelligence, agricultural machinery, agricultural ICT, robotics
AEON AGRI CREATE Co., Ltd. Agricultural production management, distribution, meteorological data
Shimadzu Corporation Measurement systems, image big data
Japan Automobile Research Institute Self-driving systems, mobility
Japan Agricultural Corporations Association Farm management survey and research, smart agriculture
Greater Tokyo Initiative Industry-academia collaboration, research and
development support
Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. Nurturing of issue proposal capabilities, agribusiness
Recruit Career Co., Ltd. PhD degree-holder utilization, PhD degree-holder hiring system
Jissen Women’s University Specialized nutritional sciences education, development of women in the sciences

The Strategic Value of Consortium Formation through Partnerships

A consortium for the creation of new industries is established through the participation of partner institutions in Japan. In addition to being highly specialized in agriculture and engineering, collaboration in a wide range of fields is important in efforts for the resolution of social issues. Therefore, industry-academia collaboration that goes beyond research fields is incorporated into the graduate education offered by the WISE Program. The objective is to nurture PhD degree holders who can realize a Super Smart Society, and the consortium will make the most of distinctive fields such as agriculture as a growth industry, energy, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, new materials, mobility, biotechnology, forestry, animal husbandry and the environment.

This consortium is formed centering on non-competitive areas and will create new industries toward a smart food chain system and with a focus on such areas as smart agriculture, energy control, distribution management and forestry-related issues.

The consortium will also engage in the nurturing the use of PhD degree holders, and will create a new system that will match students with companies. Together with companies, PhD degree holders with excellent skills in big picture thinking, originality and an appreciation of diversity will be nurtured together with companies to create a system that produces brilliant PhD degree holders for international society.

Global Educational Collaboration with Overseas Partner Institutions (Seven institutions)

Partner Institutions Content of Partnership
University of Oxford Mutual dispatch, international workshops
Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) (Germany) Mutual dispatch, international joint research
The University of Bonn International joint research, student exchange
Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia) Double degree program
Overseas training program
Vietnam National University of Forestry Mutual dispatch of students, overseas training program
Cornell University Mutual dispatch of students
International workshops
University of California, Davis Double degree program
International workshops


Brilliant PhD degree holders who play an active role around the world are nurtured in cooperation with overseas partner institutions. A systematic collaborative system has been created with these partner institutions on the basis of partnership agreements with the universities. Specifically, the agreements create a cooperative system for such matters as those shown above, including the mutual dispatch of teaching staff and students, international workshops, the implementation of overseas training programs for students, short-term study abroad programs that utilize lab rotations, and the implementation of international joint research through medium- and long-term research studies abroad.